WomenPower in Tech


WomenPower in Tech is an event that promotes women who have contributed in the field of technology. Technology has no gender and is essential to every aspect of our lives, today and tomorrow. Women have empathy, adequate and excellent eloquent skills to influence the power of creativity and discover new talents. In the technology industry, they create value through diversity of thought. They can provide a more balanced view of women’s issues and the technology sector. Protik through WomenPower in Tech lobbies for their dignified representation in decision-making in tech, the improvement of policies and legislation, capacity building, information and research as well as the coordination of key actors for the development of a favorable ecosystem for girls and women in technology. It provides mentoring opportunities to become a springboard of inspiration for many women to explore global industry trends. Inspiring the new generation to develop knowledge about computer science, have excellent career opportunities and raise innovations to meet the needs of society. The more women who enter and are empowered in the field of tech, business, industry, research and technology sectors will be able to create and implement the best solutions for today’s problems.