Partnership & Networking

Focused on setting up discussions through virtual and non-virtual communities on specific ICT topics, Protik aimed to promote networking and facilitate partnerships.

The center has continuously organized networking events, including ICT sector meetings and informal networking events in order to increase the ICT sector collaboration. Through its initiatives, Protik enhanced connections with academic institutions and the labor market, brought together private companies, public institutions, ICT experts, and academics to facilitate synergies, partnerships and business opportunities.

Partners Network

Our partners help bring our ideas and innovations to life. We cooperate with the most famous names in business and industry, with state institutions and independent entities. Our strategic partners and collaborators, such as Tirana Municipality, Vodafone, Aadf, Usaid, Aita, Microsoft, Albania Tech, Ministry of Innovation, Business Magazine, who constantly support us in our initiatives. We thank all our colleagues who believe in us, helping us on the way to success.