Young Innovators Club

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One of the primary objectives of Protik is to promote innovation. While training and workshops are extremely important in increasing the know-how in new technologies, Protik would also like to establish a long term working network of young innovators. Identifying youth interested in innovation and providing them with a place to meet and share their interests could be one of the most important contributions of Protik to the ICT industry.

The Young Innovator’s Club is formed by talented kids (11-16 years old), who have exceptional technology-related skills and a keen interest to further develop these skills.  Initially it was composed of 5 kids, but the number of members grew in time. Currently, Protik brings together 9 kids who share experiences and knowledge, develop new ideas and are introduced to new learning opportunities.

The club meets regularly at Protik, generally once a week.  Not only does Protik provide the club with materials and a place to meet and work, but it also looks for educational opportunities within the ICT network established by the Protik center.

Up to now, the children have worked on several interesting projects. They have created a robot, remotely controllable from anywhere, have programmed the control interface, and have developed some very challenging software, while there is yet much more to come.

Who can apply?

The candidates must meet the following requirements:

  1. 11 – 16 years old
  2. Have at least one of the following technical skills:
  • Very good knowledge of a programming language
  • Very good knowledge in electronics (e.g. work with micro-controllers)
  • Very good knowledge of network/system administration
  1. Have an open approach towards working with others
  2. Live near Tirana

Applications for the Young Innovators’ Club for this year are closed. If, and when the club selection processes will be launched, they will be widely advertised in our website and on other distribution channels. For more questions, please refer to the FAQ section.