Protik Startup Accelerator Program

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About Accelerator

Protik Innovation Center is a local not-for-profit organization created through a joint contribution of the United States Agency for International Development USAID, the Albanian-American Development Foundation, the Government of Albania, Microsoft, Cisco, and Albtelecom. The mission of Protik is to catalyze the development of the ICT sector in Albania.

Landscape in Albania

Albania’s ICT sector is considered a strategic industry with the potential to serve as an engine for economic growth. The main challenges of the sector are related to the quality of workforce and the fact that industry representation is fragmented. As a result, Albania lacks necessary structures to support entrepreneurship. Protik will perform interventions in the market in order to address these problems and stimulate ICT sector growth.

Protik expertise on Startup Competitions

Protik Innovation Center is very experienced to provide ICT entrepreneurs with access to modern technology and know-how, and to serve as an information and networking hub. Since October 13th, were organized/or facilitated over 160 activities which have brought to center around 4000 participants. Based on Protik’s experience on managing Startup Competitions that encourage innovative ideas; B2B meetings; Business Speed Dating Events and various entrepreneurial training, the center will create a business accelerator, as natural next step of stimulating entrepreneurship and sustaining ICT sector growth in Albania.

Protik Innovation Center with the support of the Minister for Public Administration and Innovation organizes an acceleration program for 2-3 startups. The purpose of this project is to assist in the commercialization of new business ideas and to increase visibility in the market for existing new businesses.

For more information about the Accelerator Program, please refer to the link below: