Internship Laboratory

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Internship Lab is Protik’s one of the most important projects. Internship lab is a three-year project and it was funded by AADF. The project aims to bridge the gap between demand and supply in the labor market by assisting all stakeholders that contribute towards the creation of effective internships. This project aims to provide an example of effective internship creation to the state universities and the ICT business community, and to give students the opportunity for a smoother entrance into the labor market. Protik has a large network of contacts and continuously promotes professional networking and partnerships, by being a perfect internship lab for the staff of the ICT-related facilities and their attempts to create appropriate structures to manage effective internships.Eight to twelve students will be interning at the same time. The internships will range from one to three months depending on the current need for the center, the partner companies, the projects implemented, and the ability of universities to supply interns.