Tech Thursday/ Monitoring Technology

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Thursday, March 5, 2015 - 15:00 to 17:00

Protic as part of its periodic activities “Tech Thursday”, organized a seminar on the topic "Monitoring Technology" on 5 March 2015 at 15: 00 - 17:00. Through such activities, Protik aims to attract professionals interested in ICT industry, who want to discuss new or existing technologies and related issues. 

There is a great number of companies that produce monitoring platforms software. Some examples of the monitoring software include: Nagios, Groundwork, HP Open view, Solar Winds, IBM Tivoli Network Manager. The monitoring software is crucial to protect the network and server infrastructure of companies from network attacks. Technology is moving at a very fast pace toward cloud and virtual networks. Virtualization technology has been adopted by many small and medium companies. As the companies are moving toward virtual server environments, the need for network and server monitoring tools has increased significantly. The networks have enabled users to connect to different applications. Lately the applications have become modular and distributed. The network administrators are looking for new ways to manage the virtual server network traffic. The network monitoring tools have to meet many challenges due to the increase of virtual server environments in multi-domain networks. As the awareness for secure networks increases, the monitoring tools have become an essential tool to increase application performance and to reduce the interruptions of critical applications services.

Nowadays, electronic devices connected to a network are produced by many vendors. There are many challenges to choose a network monitoring software that supports any device on the network. The latest monitoring tools can provide detailed information to network analyst. The network administrators are faced with many challenges to avoid false alarms and information overload for users and applications.