Tech Thursday/ E-commerce

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Thursday, September 25, 2014 - 09:30


Protik ICT Resource Centre, “Papa Gjon Pali II” Street, Nr 3, First Floor, Tirana

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Protik ICT Resource Center with the support of EasyPay and Dyqan Taxy organized the Tech Thursday event on "E-Commerce in Albania". Through this activity Protik aimed to bring together several companies and technical groups in order to discuss about the importance of E-commerce in Albania and the problems that face every day. E-commerce has entered in a "golden" phase in Albania. Businesses are considering it as a good way to "disconnect" the consumer from the traditional commerce and introducing the virtual world, to offer everything in real time and quicker. Electronic commerce has started to be applied lately. The market is strongly promoting electronic payments, financial institution are strongly promoting plastic card and mobile payments are becoming a reality.

This seminar was organized in Protik premises on September 25th 2014. Protik would like to thank all the participants, in particular the speakers of this event: Mr. Valer PINDERI, Administrator of Dyqan Taxi, Ms. Linda SHOMO, Director of EasyPay, Mr. Romeo SHERKO, Executive Director of, Ms. Alketa KNUTI, Director of Tax Audit Directory.