Business Speed Dating

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Friday, July 25, 2014 - 11:00


Protik ICT Resource Center

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Business Speed ​​Dating represents an effective way to advise new entrepreneurs, new businesses, in turning their project idea to business in the most practical possible way. This type of activity provides the opportunity to identify new talent with high innovative potential. Protik with the support of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) organized the event "Business Speed Dating" at July 25th 2014.

During this event four successful Albanian businessmen accommodated in separate tables met young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. Each meeting had duration of about 5 minutes; this process was repeated with all the businessmen present at the event, enabling all young entrepreneurs to discuss with each mentor present in the activity. This continued for about two hours at Protik premises, where 16 participants asked questions about issues of implementation of their project idea welcoming practical experience and advice from mentors etc. This is the third time that Protik Center hosted such an event, attended by four successful businessmen as Mrs. Arlinda Dudaj, Executive Director of the Publishing House Dudaj, Mrs. Alketa Cukalla (Mineu), administrator at Publicita Agency, Mr. Sokol Qeraxhiu, Executive Director of Tetra Solutions, Mr. Romeo Sherko, Director General of ikubINFO. If this meeting aroused mutual interest for cooperation could be followed by further steps such as a second meeting or other negotiations.

Protik during the previous experiences in the organization of this kind of activities found that the participants had difficulties in presenting their project-ideas in a limited time, for this reason organized an interactive training session "Startup Pitching Ideas" on July 24th 2014, as a preparatory phase of the activity "Business Speed Dating". This training aimed to help young people with innovative ideas to improve the presentation skills of project ideas that they will represent in front mentors. Representatives from companies; ikubINFO, Çelësi Media Group and Dudaj Publishing House also presented their companies profile, enabling all participants to recognized the expertise of the invited mentors during this orientation session.

The 16 participants of the activity expressed their enthusiasm for the particular format of the event and the opportunity that was given to introduce themselves amidst these successful people, willing to help them for the implementation step by step of their project-ideas. They described the interactive training "Startup Pitching Ideas" organized by Protik, as a great support to them and asked to devote more time to this part, in the other activities of Business Speed ​​Dating. They also thanked the mentors for their encouragement, advices and sharing their experiences with them.