Albania of the next generation, new ICT Strategy: Turn the challenge into opportunity

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Event Date: 

Monday, September 23, 2013 - 10:00 to 13:00


Protik - Conference Room

Main Organizer: 

MIAP, Protik, AITA

No. of Participants: 


Representatives from: 

AITA, AKSHI, AKCE, DEDAL, ASIG, Academia, Students

Minister for Innovation and Public Administration, Protik and AITA organized a meeting with different stakeholders from the ICT sector in Albania.

Ms. Edlira Kasaj, Protik CEO, opened the meeting with a short presentation of the agenda, and invited Ms. Milena Harito, the Minister of Innovation and Public Administration to deliver her opening speech. Ms. Harito presented to the audience the key challenges in the ICT sector and the main goals of the government in this field.

Representatives from AKSHI, AKCE, DEDAL, ASIG and AITA also gave short presentations on matters regarding their respective institutions. Shortly after, issues and problems concerning the education sector were introduced by professors and students as well.

The meeting was closed with an open discussion among all participants. However, a considerable time of this last session was dedicated to entrepreneurs and the issues that the small businesses encounter while trying to grow in the market.